Taoist Lotus Meditation - a How-to Guide

This meditation will take your accumulated stress and transmute it into a sense of well-being. In Traditional Chinese Medicine terms it works by balancing excess fire with water.

Remember to smile :)
1. Be comfortable whether seated or standing, hands on lap or rested folded on chest.
2. Visualise the red lotus in the water and its roots in the wet soil carrying nutrients from the sun through the flower.
3. Now visualise your heart and kidneys
4. The lotus is your heart and the kidneys are planted in the soil

Breathing Pattern One (10 times)
1. In with red colour from crown through to opposite acupuncture point of heart in the governor vessel (ie the imiginary hollow of your spine)
2. Exhale warm and red from the heart point to the kidneys

Breathing Pattern Two (10 times)
1. Cool and blue colour in from the souls of the feet to the kidneys
2. Exhale up to the heart point