Qigong Yoga - The Safe Kind

+ We do Daoist Yoga aka Qigong & Yin -

++ No Stress

+++ 100% safely!

Safe for ALL fitness levels, ALL THE TIME! :)

Indian Yoga? Chinese Yoga? Is there a difference?

With Victoria we incorporate many styles with an overarching Modern Sports Science view - so every pose & posture is safe, effective & increases fitness not causes injury! Our classes are not competitions but opportunities to increase or flexibility and body awareness calmly and free from worry!

Mostly the terminology sounds different such as Qi is the Chinese version of Prana though both refer to the exact same life energy.

In practice some traditions are most like Daoist Qigong and others are visually indistinguishable from Vinyasa Yoga.

The emphasis in Doayin Yoga is always some aspect of health: specifically focusing on stress reduction, on meridians, or areas such as the back, shoulders, tendon stretching, or balance, or internal organs and various bodily systems.

For a taster of Daoyin Yoga, the following video gives an excellent sample of what to look forward to in a class closest to Vinyasa: