Buckshaw Mondays 10am except Last Mondays in Sep/Oct & Nov - Thursdays 9-10am

 Dear Class

Due to my being unavailable the Last Monday of every month, classes will be held as normal on Mondays 10am-11am except for the following being transferred to the Thursdays of the same week:

  • the 27 September class will be held Thursday the 30th September at 9am - 10am
  • the 25th October class will be transferred to Thursday 28th at 9am &
  • the 29th November class will be Thursday 2nd December 9am
In the New year 2022 the pattern continues
  • 31st January will be transferred to Thursday the 3rd 9am
  • 28th February will be Thursday the 3rd of March 9am &
  • 28th March will be held on the 31st Thursday 9am
The only exception will be 27th Monday in December when the Monday 10am class will proceed as usual.

My most humble thanks as ever
Master Sifu Victoria